How to Always Win in Card Games?

Card games have always been in the spotlight. And everyone who has at least once in their life tried their luck in a card game wondered: how to win card games? Are there some secret tricks?

There are several main types of card games: family (when the game is played “just for fun”), commercial (winning depends on the player’s experience and skills) and gambling (winning depends both on the participant’s experience, and their luck). And the gambling category is divided into games against a real opponent and games against a program in a virtual club (by the way, you can play cards online on our website).

When a game involves people, the actions of each participant are based on their logic and skills. And in the case of playing in an online casino, the player is dealing with a programmed logic of behavior.

The process of any card game includes four steps:

  1. A game begins with a procedure of cards shuffling. The deck of cards should be shuffled in random order. The method of shuffling is not important, the point is that the dealer should not have any influence on the process itself. And after that, the dealer distributes the cards to the players. Nothing depends on the players in this situation, the only thing you can rely on is your luck.
  2. The cards that the player got determine his further actions and the amount of bet. Here, the player has some degree of influence over a situation.
  3. In the third phase you can fully demonstrate your mastery: logical reasoning, the skill of cards counting, knowledge of the rules, the ability to bluff or the ability to control emotions. The outcome of the game is really up to you. The whole point of this phase is in showing off your strengths. It is important not only to demonstrate the presence of highest-ranking cards, but also your skills, experience, and the ability to build card combinations correctly. In case of failure, when it is no longer a question of how to stay a winner, an experienced gambler tries to minimize the financial losses.
  4. At the last stage you clearly see the result of your previous actions and the actions of opponents. At the moment, you can learn from the mistakes made by rivals or by yourself. This is the significance of the fourth phase (regardless of what kind of game it is). And any player will not miss a chance to use the information to correct actions and strategies in a future game.

As soon as you learn to carefully observe the actions of your opponents and predict their next steps, you become much more confident during the game. In addition, pay attention to the out cards, this will help you simplify the calculation of probability in a new round of the game.

This is what makes card games special and makes them stand out from other gambling games. If you want to win cards in a casino, you should learn to remember cards’ ranking ​​that got out of the game. After all, knowing the cards of your opponent significantly increases the winning probability.

Visual Memory Training

Visual memory for a card game win

Of course, after the third or fourth phase, it becomes difficult to keep in mind all the remaining cards, especially if you are an unprepared player or a newbie. Therefore, training visual memory is very important.

The good news is that developing the skill is not that difficult as it might seem at first glance. You can achieve a good result with the help of special training exercises. And training eidetic memory specifically in order to win cards will not take you much time.

There are many ways to remember images. First of all, use the “Spot the Difference” exercise. Such exercises improve your concentration and analytical skills. Trying to spot the subtle differences in pictures changes the way the brain processes information. Thus learning to pay attention to details subsequently leads to memory enhancement.

Description of the appearance is another effective way of improving your memory and recall skills. Try to get a sketch of your friend, and you will notice that it is not an easy task. It is also useful to add sounds and smells to visual images, thus you will train your brain to remember more images.

High-Low Method

If you want to play card games, using a specific strategy, then we recommend you to pay attention to the High-Low Method. This method is very popular because of its understandability and effectiveness. All you have to do is keep in mind a simple and not necessarily very accurate count of three groups of cards.

When you notice a card of the high-value category (from dozens and above), subtract 1 from the total. And if you see cards of low value (from two to six) - add 1 to the total. Medium cards are ignored.

Then, look at the value of the total. If it is +3, then most likely the following cards are high-value, which allows you to place a big bet. If the total result is -2, then the dealer has more chances due to the expected small cards, therefore, it is better to make small bets. And after the deck gets shuffled, the counting goes back to zero and you need to start over.

Do Not Give Yourself Away

Do Not Give Yourself Away

Despite the fact that card counting is not punishable under law, the casino administration does not welcome such players, and because of that we strongly advise all players to be careful and try to hide their actions as much as possible.

If someone at the card table becomes aware of such manipulations, you are looking at casino long-term blacklisting, so we recommend you to stick to the rules that gambling house established.

Also, it is important not to forget that before you start the game, you need to carefully study all the rules of the game and understand all the nuances, because otherwise, no winning strategy will work.