How to Win at Roulette: 16 Working Methods and Strategies + Tips

Today, there are thousands of sites on the Internet that offer to play online roulette. But not every visitor to a gambling establishment knows what tips should heed and how to choose the right strategy to win at roulette in a casino.

We conducted a lot of research and carefully watched those games in which the participants managed to hit huge jackpots at a time or win small amounts of money in online roulette. Based on this, we have developed our winning system, which will help any gambler to increase their winnings.

Some Important Tips

We cannot avoid these obvious but very significant questions that will help you win at roulette. If you are an experienced gambler and came for specific techniques, read immediately from here.

Choose an Honest Casino

If you are seriously interested in how to win at roulette online, you should first find an honest and open casino. Experienced gamers on an intuitive level can understand whether a reliable gambling establishment or not, but novice players need to be extremely careful and even spend some time studying the basic features of reliability.

Among the main criteria of a decent institution are a license, an extensive assortment, high-quality visual design of games, good user reviews, etc.

Remember that a reliable casino will take care of the timely withdrawal of winnings. And a site with a dubious reputation can disappear from the Internet in a few minutes immediately after you win a decent amount. It will subsequently lead to the situation that you will end up with no win and also be at loss because you spent money on placing bets.

Registration at an Online Casino

Site visitors must create an account to use the services of an online casino. And one of the unpleasant situations faced by the player is incorrectly entered personal information.

The procedure for creating a profile is quite simple and usually does not take more than 30 seconds of your time. The player is only required to specify an email, login, and password, and then click the “Register” button.

But, in a hurry to start mastering the slots, players often make mistakes when entering their data. And, in most cases, this applies to email or phone number. It is indiscretion and inattention to details that become a source of problems in the future.

Such errors lead to the fact that the player can not get his cash prize. Therefore, the administration of the casino strongly recommends that you always be focused and check the correctness of the entered text.

Choose a Variation of the Roulette Game in Advance

A large selection of entertainment overwhelms the Internet. And with every passing year, they are getting more and more. There are many reasons why players prefer roulette: the possibility of using different strategies, high chances to win a large sum, and also a pleasant atmosphere.

But before you start playing, you should decide on the variation of the game of roulette. As a rule, gambling clubs offer its following types: American, European, French.

In American roulette, you play with double zero, so the advantage of the casino is increasing. There is only one zero on the European roulette wheel. And this indicates that the chance of winning a casino in such a game is much lower, only 2.70%. But some players still argue that the American version is as good roulette as any other, and can consistently bring big profits.

Despite many options, we know one thing - the roulette game originated in France. And over time, there are other kinds of the game, that are no less popular than classic roulette.

Unique qualities of French roulette distinguish it from other versions. These include:

  • the presence of 37 sectors;
  • ten options for basic rates, as well as the possibility of oral rates;
  • low casino advantage (1.37%)

Demo Mode

Before you start betting on money, try slot machines in free mode. The demo game is no different from the paid model. You can also immerse yourself in the game and get a boost of energy. To do this, you do not need to register and confirm personal data. Just select the game and click Demo.

Each game machine has its characteristics, and it is better to familiarize yourself with them before you start the paid mode. The training version will help to study in detail the rules, principles of the game, the specifics of bonuses, and the payout system. Choosing a demo game, you do not risk anything, because you use virtual currency, but keep in mind that if you win, you won’t be able to withdraw the prize.

The GoldCup website offers roulette games for every taste, from slot machines with the usual visual design to exciting models with vivid graphics that have impressive animated effects.

Pay Attention to the Condition of Roulette (Offline Casinos)

Before placing bets, carefully watch the game. It will help you determine whether the roulette has biases or other defects. Defects of the roulette wheel mean the appearance of some numbers with a higher frequency than others, which occurs due to negligence during the manufacture of gambling equipment, as well as exposure to external factors.

Pay attention to how the roulette manager rotates the wheel. Some workers rotate it with force, after which the ball stops in the same place.

If you manage to determine which numbers fall more often than others, you can use it to your advantage and regularly receive a decent profit. And for this, you do not need to be a professional player. Among the most common deviations are:

  • defect of dividing sides;
  • improper rotation of the roulette wheel.

Problems with the dividing sides arise either due to a built-in wheel defect or due to wear of the equipment. The sides can become a little loose, and it will lead to the ball stops firmly in some cells and will fly over others.

The next flaw is the incorrect rotation of the wheel. If the rotating part not installed correctly, the wheel will not rotate horizontally. And if a slight inclination of the whole roulette in the direction added to this, then some numbers will win much more often.

Know What Bets to Make

Before you start playing roulette, you need to decide on the amount of the bet that you can afford to lose. And only after you decide how much money you are willing to lose, stick to this amount and resist the temptation to raise rates. To do this, you can write a number on paper and keep it in front of you as a reminder, or ask someone to control you.

During the game, do not get carried away with alcohol, as it clouds your mind and may affect your ability to make the right decisions. And although a small portion can help to achieve a relaxed state, it is still advised to avoid drinking alcohol. Better enjoying the pleasures of the game itself.

No matter how experienced a player is, there is always a chance of failure. And in case of losing all the cash - leave. Then you will not expose yourself to serious financial risks just because of one evening in a gambling establishment.

Withdraw Any Winnings from the Game

Often, players think that having received one win, they should continue to make bets that will bring even more substantial rewards. But in reality, this judgment is incorrect.

They hit the jackpot - immediately withdraw money and go to celebrate with friends. You should not risk that you won. Experienced players advise you not to rush into larger bets. First, you need to deal with the game mechanism.

For example, if you bet $ 200 and received $ 300 after rotation, it is better to postpone your winnings ($ 100). Next, use the initial bet, so that in case of loss, lose no more than $ 100. The more you win, and the more money you save, the higher your chances are that, in the end, you will leave without losing a dollar or even winning a decent amount of money.

Methods and Strategies for Winning Roulette

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

This betting system was developed by John Henry Martingale more than 200 years ago. He owned several gaming establishments in London and openly talked about his strategy, which subsequently led to bankruptcy because some casino visitors began to apply this scheme.

The Martingale system is famous for its versatility since the strategy applied in various gambling and sports bets. The bottom line is to increase subsequent bets so that a win can recoup all previous losses.

If you follow the sequence, then the profit on winning is equal to the initial bet. In case of victory, the player must return to the minimum bet size.

Mention also made that without the availability of money, playing on this system does not make sense because, after several consecutive failures, you will lose almost all the funds and will not be able to make the following bets. So if you have considerable capital and you are seriously wondering how to win at roulette, then this strategy is ideal for you.

The Martingale method is one of the most effective strategies for playing online roulette. Its varieties provide different principles for placing bets and entering the game.

The Martingale Method with a Shift

In this case, the player needs to be patient and wait for the loss of one color during some spins in a row. You set the number of spins, and then place a bet on the opposite number or color.

The Stretched Martingale

The specificity of this variety is that bets usually placed on numbers, but their increase after each defeat proceeds in stages. If you manage to win, then the game starts anew.

The American Martingale

This option is convenient to use when placing bets on a dozen, 12 numbers, or a column. If you lose, the bet is multiplied by two. If you win, consider the initial loan again.

Dozens & Columns Roulette Strategy

This method stems from the Martingale strategy because, in case of failure, the player will increase bets to recoup. The system is known for the ease of using and the ability to make decent amounts of money.

The game table is a set of 12 rooms and three columns. A ball can appear on any of three columns and dozens, as well as on zero. Given that the payout ratio for such bets is 2: 1, it is possible to bet immediately on two dozen and, in the event of a ball falling on one of them, win one bet.

Suppose we bet $ 1 on one and two dozen, and the ball fell on one dozen, then we win $ 3, despite the fact we bet $ 2. Fans of online clubs usually prefer dozens of bets. While in land-based establishments, the combined game is popular.

Usually, there are two options for this strategy:

1. Bet on Two Dozen or Columns

In this case, the chances of winning will be approximately 66%, since we cover 2/3 of the playing field. Before making your first bet, be sure to skip at least ten moves. Thus, you can determine which dozen or colons most often encountered over ten spins.

The first bet might be $ 1, but with every loss, it should increase. In case of defeat, the size of the initial bet remains the same, the player adheres to the starting amount, and only after the second loss, the bet doubles. The player returns to the initial size of the bet if he wins.

2. Bet on Two Dozen and Columns Simultaneously

This option affects the entire field, not touching only zero and four cells. The chances of success are 86%. When applying this type of strategy, the following scenarios considered:

  • if the ball is at the intersection of numbers, then the gain is multiplied by 2;
  • if only one bet wins, then you return to the original size of the amount and double the loser.

Practice shows that during the use of this method, sometimes there are long series of losing numbers. However, this does not stop you from getting a stable income.

James Bond Strategy

James Bond

The James Bond system is one of the most popular roulette strategies since it is easy to use. The meaning of the scheme is to make bets, try to block the wheel as much as possible, which will lead to one of three profitable results.

According to this strategy, for one gaming session, the balance in the casino should be at least $ 200. Although the player can use smaller proportional bets, considering the size of his bankroll, $ 140 placed on the sector from 19 to 36. After another $ 50 placed on numbers from 13 to 18. And the last $ 10 set to zero.

Thus, you cover 2/3 of the table and, starting the rotation of the roulette wheel, outcomes such as:

  • a number from 19 to 36 will bring you an income of $ 80;
  • if one of six numbers from 13 to 18 falls out, you get $ 100;
  • with a loss of zero - the prize will be $ 160;
  • in case of falling numbers from 1 to 12, you lose all your bets.

Roulette Game

Biarritz Method

The authorship of this strategy got attributed to Alexander Makarov. The designation “Biarritz” comes from the name of the resort town, which located on the Atlantic coast.

In the development process, Makarov used the Monte Carlo mathematical method, which involves placing bets of the same size on the same number. Suppose a player bets $ 2 on number 10 37 times in a row. Then in case of at least one win, he will be able to save money. Otherwise, the player loses $ 37.

Following the Biarritz strategy, 3 of the following situations are possible:

  • You win from the 37th attempt and compensate for previous losses.
  • You manage to win before the 37th move. The sooner you win, the bigger the winnings.
  • And the most unfavorable option is that you never win. That is, you lose all means.

If we talk about the classic version of the strategy, then the player must carefully monitor the numbers come up more than three times. It is intended to make bets in the future on precisely these numbers.

But not everyone agrees with the scheme proposed above and believes that one should place bets on those numbers that appeared less than three times in 37 throws since the probability of missing numbers in the next game will be higher.

Therefore, only you decide to rely on the strategy of Biarritz or not. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the method developed by A. Makarov, actor Sean Connery managed to win $ 30,000 in a casino.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

The next method, which has a high degree of efficiency, is a betting strategy from Labusher. The idea of ​​creating this method came from the writer and politician Henri Laboucher while studying at the university. The student got into betting on horse racing, which gave a strong impulse to the development of his betting strategy.

The system itself is pretty simple. First, you should determine the amount of income that you want to get in one cycle of the game. Remember that a bankroll must be much larger than the desired winnings.

And then, you need to divide the amount into five arbitrary parts. You do not need to follow the sequence; it is significant to ensure that the betting coefficient is, at least, two.

For example, your bankroll is $ 1,000. The desired amount is $ 200. We divide it into five parts: 10, 30, 40, 50, 70. For the first bet, we sum the first and last number, and it turns out - $ 10 + $ 70 = $ 80.

If you cannot win, we add this amount to the end of the line. Suppose a bet of $ 80 ($ 10 + $ 70) didn’t work, then we write: 10, 30, 40, 50, 70, 80. And if the bet wins, then these numbers are deleted from the series. It continues until all numbers from the series get crossed out.

Fibonacci Roulette Method

The Fibonacci method is one of the most popular betting systems. One needs to adjust bets according to the sequence, and in case of loss or win, change the amount.

The sequence is a digital series that looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 ... The player places does not bet on individual numbers. He places them on red or black cells, paired or unpaired categories, makes “1 to 18” or “19 to 36” bets.

You need to place bets according to the Fibonacci sequence. If the player loses, then it is necessary to raise the bet on the next number. In case of a win, move back two numbers in the sequence and bet that amount.

Players use this scheme in long-term games when they win most of the time. One of the main reasons why not everyone trusts this strategy is the maximum allowed bet. After 11 failed throws, the player will still have to bet 144 units. After all, one win negates only two losses.

The Quadrant System

According to game practice, the Quadrant system allows you to win a large sum of money in a short amount of time. But keep in mind that this system is the best option for more experienced players.

Under this system, bets placed on specific numbers, and the quantity of numbers is a significant component of the game. There have to be three-seven numbers. A fixed game capital, which goes from $ 152, is required to use this strategy. You also need to pre-select the results of the game.

You need 24 rotations of the roulette wheel for this, after which you need to select the numbers that fell two times and place bets on them. The standard rate is $ 1.

Depending on the number of numbers that have fallen two or more times, a further algorithm of actions constructed:

  • if 2 or 3 numbers have fallen, then bets are placed within 12 spins;
  • if four numbers have fallen, then - over nine spins;
  • if five numbers have fallen, then - during seven spins;
  • if six numbers have fallen twice, then bets are placed within six spins;
  • if seven numbers have fallen two times, then bets placed within five spins.

Happy Seven Strategy

The “Happy Seven” is another effective strategy that will help you quickly disrupt the winnings. One of the main qualities of this scheme is a small game deposit.

Using this method, remember that for one session, your resources should be 24 units of bets. The betting system, based on equal chances: red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36.

You should build your bets according to this principle:

  • In case of a win, your further bet will be equal to one and a half times the size of the initial bet size. If it not divided by an integer, round a number up;
  • If you lose, return to the previous bet;

The use of the “Happy Seven” system implies the duration of the game and the considerable size of the first bet. But at the same time, the strategy provides pretty good chances to make big money. One of the main advantages is minimizing risks and a high probability of a return on invested funds.

The Thomas Donald Strategy

Even though the Thomas Donald system is one of the most popular strategies, it is not suitable for everyone. Playing on this system is the best option for those participants who have an unlimited supply of time and the necessary amount of money.

To apply Thomas Donald’s scheme, you need to have capital that will be 666 times the size of the original rate. After each failure, you need to add one bet to the next, and in the case of a win, you need to reduce it in the same way.

Thomas Donald's strategy involves placing bets only in the red zone. The number of roulette spins should be 37. According to the theory, the red and black sectors will fall the same number of times, and the zero only one time.

Suppose each of the sectors fell five times, and then they fall the same number of times, but one times less than the previous one. As a result, each zone will fall out once.

You should strictly adhere to the established procedure for increasing bets and have a large deposit to start the game. The result of the game will depend on getting into the game phase and waiting for the winning streak during a long game session.

System Titanic

This system successfully tested by many roulette lovers. With the correct application of this scheme for ten gaming days, seven of them can become winning for the player. Moreover, with the proper calculation of the size of the first bet, you can get a decent income for this period.

In the game, it is recommended to make money bets exclusively for dozens. The main goal will be to predict which particular dozen will win more often than others. For example, a player managed to predict what dozen spinning ball stopped on the roulette wheel from 6 times, then, in this case, an increase in the bet occurs because of the previous losing. And after winning, you need to return to the starting bet size again.

The game session begins with a bet on a dozen, which fell last during the observation period. The duration of this period get determined individually by each player.

For example, the face value of the first bet that brought defeat was $ 100. Based on this, the next bet placed on a dozen that were winning in the first rotation. Its size is also equal to $ 100.

If this rate is unsuccessful, then we increase the next to $ 200. The player can divide it into two equal parts to make two consecutive bets. Therefore, the player makes bets according to the Titanic scheme, each time increasing the face value.

If you decide to increase the amount to $ 300, then under such circumstances, the number of bets should not be more than three times in a row. After victory, this strategy provides for the return of the player to the starting point.

Garcia Strategy

Despite the fact this strategy is quite risky, it is still popular among roulette gamers.

The system mainly intended for games with simple bets. The main factor is the size of the initial bet. It is desirable to be always high. If you adhere to these two conditions, then the gain can be attractive.

As for choosing the right chance, it recommended to stick to this scheme: watch the roulette spinning and notice a chance, which did not appear in the last four games in the row. Once you have a chance, make a bet.

The calculation made according to the maximum possible betting size. That is, to make six bets, you need to increase the size of bets by 20%, while the maximum limit of the gaming table always taken into account.

Cuban Betting System

Even though the strategy is not widespread, like the previous one, its use still regularly brings a series of victories and a decent profit.

The essence of the system is the uneven distribution of red and black sectors on the playing field. In the lower row, there are six black and six red zones, in the middle row - four red and eight black ones, and in the upper row, there are two red sectors: eight red and four black ones.

The player needs to place two bets at the same time - one bet placed on the color, the other on the column. Experienced gamers advise placing one bet on the third column, and the second on black.

By placing bets on the third column, you will receive a win 2 to 1, and numbers from the black sector are paid 1 to 1. If you bet on red and black, you will not win, because one of the bets will lose anyway.

Based on there are eight red and four black numbers in the third column, you have excellent chances to win. In the case of black on roulette, the bet on the column loses, but you still will not remain in the loser.

5 out of 6 Betting System

According to many gamblers, the 5 out of 6 strategies is by far one of the safest and easiest ways to win at roulette. Due to regular wins, the betting system has an impeccable reputation and appreciated by players around the world.

This method provides five bets per group. It turns out that we will cover 30/37 of the entire playing field, which in turn increases the probability of winning up to 81%. But with a total bet of $ 5, the winnings will not exceed $ 1.

In case of failure, the easiest way to win back is to bet five times more in the next bet. If you lose after the first $ 5 bet spin, you increase the rate to $ 25. The player must also take into account that in case of success, we will not get profit, because we will win only $ 30, of which $ 5 is our first bet, and $ 25 is the second one.

As we see it, the use of this method is quite risky, because bets increasing almost immediately leads to a game with huge sums. But also do not forget about the high probability of victory, which is 81%.

Royal Roulette System

A betting strategy is much more common and more popular than the rest methods because of its simplicity. It easily combined with many other schemes and therefore brings players even big profits.

The basis of this strategy is placing bets on two dozen. For that purpose, there you should carefully observe several roulette spins, and then decide when to enter the game.

First of all, place two bets on those sectors that did not occur in the last spinning. It is a must that players monitor the roulette table before putting a bid. Suppose that the spin ended on a number from the first dozen, then your bet should be on the second and third one.

In case of bad luck, increase the size of the bet by 1 euro (or the amount that will be a multiple of the one you decide to use). If you manage to win, the amount must remain unchanged.

Now you need to bet again on those dozens that did not win. And do not forget that the number of bets must be identical.

D'Alembert Roulette System

The d'Alembert system is quite understandable, so it can be used by every player who at least once tried to win money at roulette. The strategy involves the use of progression, which is to increase or decrease the rate per unit.

It is significant to remember that you should not fall below the original bid. You increase the size of the bet when you lose, and decrease when you win. You set the bet size initially, and then you stick to the scheme.

The change in the rate depends on the odds that you are using. When the odds are low, the bet changes significantly; if high, then changes imperceptibly. Even if you manage to win, the next bet should not fall below the starting amount.

Donald & Natanson Roulette Strategy

This strategy has an incredible history of creation. The foundations were laid by Thomas Donald, and the famous mathematician Lev Nathanson continued the idea. Nathanson introduced some amendments, the essence of which is as follows - you should always choose numbers from one sector.

The player selects the red sector, then makes a bet. In the case of a loss, the player raises it by one unit, and when winning, they decrease it by one. According to T. Donald, the player cannot change the bet, because there are no zero bets. The mathematician objected to this statement and began changing rates.

When winning, the player reduces the size of the bet by one. For example, you bet one dollar on red and won. Then make a bet on zero. It means you need to skip the next roulette start. But remember that zero is associated with red, so keep an eye on the outcome of the roulette wheel.

If you win again, you will have to reduce the sum. Therefore, the size of the next bet will be -1 (minus one). A negative red sector is a black one. Note that with black, the bet increases by one. If red is the 4th time, then the score becomes -2, and you already bet $ 2 on black.