How to Win in Video Poker: Strategies + Tips

How to Play and Win Video Poker

Are you tired of losing in video poker? Want to learn how to understand the intricacies of the game? Especially for you, we have made a list of the best methods for playing video poker, which you can safely use and get a steady income while doing what you love.

Everyone who has ever played video poker knows well that for a productive game, it is not enough to be prepared theoretically. Although the rules of the game themselves are simple and understandable, the knowledge and skills are needed to learn how to win.

That is why players, in particular beginners, are advised to familiarize themselves with various winning methods and pay attention to tips that will significantly bring them closer to victory. But if you are already an experienced player and come for specific strategies, read right here.

Poker Table Position

A position is a place at the table relative to the button or other players. With every card dealing, the button moves clockwise, changing the roles of the players. If you are one of the first gamblers to act, then you are in the first table place. Then goes the middle one, and the players who make decisions last are in the late position.

If the winning is to be big, the player needs to build a game strategy based on the position. Considering that the worst places are the blinds, players in the first position should play more carefully, and if the session ends after you, then behave more aggressively.

Occupying the last or penultimate place in the distribution, you get more information not only about the behavior of other players but also about the size of the bank, which positively affects decision making.

Regardless of the level of your professionalism or cards, having a position gives you significant advantages (pot control, saving money, blind style, etc.). All events taking place at the table are a valuable source of information that can be useful during the decision.

The player’s position at the poker table affects the result of the game with the same starting hand. If you skillfully use this prerogative, you will have more wins in poker sessions. You can bet and win the pot preflop. And if you see that you have no combinations, and many bets made before you, you can fold your cards.

Therefore, the positions of the dealer (button) and cut-offs are the most profitable, because you will already know how most of your opponents acted. And players in the first positions are encouraged to have powerful cards.

Starting Cards

Starting Cards

When playing Texas Hold'em, it is significant to pay attention to the selection of good starting hands for the draw. Although the presence of one or another initial combination of two cards does not guarantee victory, good quality training still plays a role.

In this type of poker, cards divided into five categories: pocket pairs, suited connectors, unsuited connectors, unconnected suited, unconnected unsuited.

Strong starting hands are AA and KK, then QQ, JJ, and AK. Adhering to the data of these combinations, you will find yourself on the right path to winning money in poker.

This graph shows you the percentage probability of winning with different starting hands.

Count Your Outs

Count Your Outs

Outs are the number of cards that potentially complement and strengthen your combination. The skill helps the player to refuse making bets when the probability of making a winning combination is low and stake if the chance of getting the cards is high.

Do not forget that outs can repeat each other. For example, the same card can be part of both a straight and a flush. Therefore, you do not need to read it twice; otherwise, you will get an extra out. Besides, there are additional outs. Their task is not to create a combination, but to strengthen the hand.

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is popular gambling entertainment, which found both in land-based casinos and online clubs.

The essence of classic poker is to collect cards that correspond to the most winning combination. And the video poker game system combines the principles of a slot machine and the rules of a standard 5-card poker.

In the slot machines, there are buttons for placing bets and making moves, the table with a description of winning combinations, as well as a control panel with setting keys.

Many believe that video poker appeared relatively recently, but in fact, video poker slots began to fill the halls of gaming houses much earlier than the first classic gaming machines. In 1891, Sittman and Pete introduced devices to the world that served as the prototype for current video poker machines.

First Video Poker

Even though some players did not take innovation very well, in the 80s, video poker has already gained decent popularity. And the transition to the online space can be considered the final stage in the history of the development of the game.

Video Poker Rules

Many players are interested in the question: How to play video poker to win a large amount of money? To play a game correctly, you must at least know the rules. The principles of video poker are identical to the rules of classic poker.

The player's task is to make as many combinations as possible. The player can make nine combinations, including royal-flash, straight-flash, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three (or set), two pairs, and a pair. The royal flush is considered to be the highest card combination. It can bring the player the biggest win.

The most common combination is jacks and higher. The downside is that a minimum payment assumed for it. In this case, the player can expect for one to five coins payout, depending on the bet.

In video poker, a standard deck of 52 cards is used, which formed in various combinations. Also, given the different types of video poker, the use of several card decks is characteristic.

In some games, a joker appears, which replaces the missing cards, thereby helping the participant to build a winning combination. And you can double your winnings in a risk game, which is also quite common.

At the first distribution, five cards issued, after which you evaluate them and keep those that are potentially profitable combinations. The second deal follows for those positions that you decided to leave. With repeated distribution, the result gets determined. In the event of the formation of a winning combination, you get a reward.

Can I Win at Video Poker?

Video Poker Strategy

If you are interested in the following questions: How to beat video poker? How to win video poker using tactics? Are there any win-win strategies for playing video poker? Then keep reading this section.

Indeed, many gamers that think the result of the game depends on the use of the method. And this is not at all surprising, because strict adherence to action algorithms can reduce the casino advantage to zero and change the game in favor of the player. But considering every participant has their preferences, you need to select the method that suits your style of play.

Card Replacement Strategy

This scheme based on the fact that if your cards are a complete combination, for example, royal-flush, straight-flush, straight, flush, full house, then hold all five cards.

In a case, four suited cards or four/three consecutive ones of the same rank, and one of high suit absent feel free to change all five cards. If two possible combinations formed from your cards, play the one with the best chance.

Maximum Bid Strategy

Its essence lies in a constant betting the maximum possible bet. Much more profitable to play 100 games with five tokens, provided that there is no advantage at the casino, rather than play 500 games using each time one token when the casino's house edge is 2%.

You set the smallest bet size only when the losing minimum is much more significant for you than the possible win.

ABC Strategy

ABC poker strategy is recommended to be used not only by novice players who are just mastering a card game but also by experienced gamblers. The standard lines of the ABC strategy include:

  1. When playing, take into account the tight chart of starting hands for first/second positions. The graph includes optimal cards with which, depending on your table place and the moves of your opponents, it’s worth entering the distribution. Top starting hands include aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens, suited ace-king, ace-queen, queen-queen, ace-jack, and suited ace-king.
  2. 3-bet with QQ + and AK cards preflop.
  3. To make a continuation bet if you were an aggressor in preflop. And in multi-pots (a situation where a pot played between three or more players), do not bluff.
  4. Do not bluff in the third and last rounds, but bet only on value.
  5. To bet half a pot or more during post-flop.

GTO Strategy

GTO stands for Game Theory Optimal. The application of this strategy will allow you to defend against your opponents and skillfully avoid those cases in which other players want to exploit you.

To better understand this method, you need to consider an example. Suppose you raise a preflop bet, and the button player calls it. In this case, options such as:

  • you bet if you have a top pair or even higher;
  • you bet if you cannot get on the board.

It follows that permanent using the first strategy, your opponent will often fold and wait for suitable cards. And if you decide to use the second option, your opponent will bluff every time you make a bet.

Therefore, a combination of the first and second options is best suited. And considering, that dealing with this is not so easy, therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a few recommendations:

  • bluff during the flop;
  • bet smaller with strong ranges;
  • large bet sizes and raises to win.

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