Privacy Policy

GoldCup online casino ensures the privacy of its users, so in this section we provide you with information about how we collect, how we use and how the protection of personal data received from our users occurs.

Collection of personal information

Use of personal data of players:

  • in order to check whether the user has reached the age of majority;
  • in order to provide the user with the full range of our services;
  • in order to fulfill, to the fullest extent possible, all obligations of the casino to the player;
  • in order to notify the user about the latest in the casino;
  • in order to compile reports on crimes that may be related to money laundering or other types of fraud;
  • for those purposes that are indicated at the time the player provides personal information.

Protecting User’s Personal Information

We receive personal information of the user when a new player passes registration on the site, as well as when he fills in his personal profile. The personal information provided to us by the casino user includes: name, surname, home address, email address, date of birth, phone number.

All personal data transmitted by the casino user is used:

Personal user information can be transferred by us to a third party only in case of a decision to transfer or sell GoldCup casino or an integral part of the casino.

The administration of the GoldCup online casino guarantees that all personal data of the user will not be transferred to government agencies or other organizations. Exceptions are those cases when this will be required at the legislative level. Respecting the right of our users to the confidentiality of the game process, we provide each gambler with the right to refuse to receive GoldCup Casino newsletters by e-mail or SMS. If there is such a need, the user of our casino can at any time supplement his personal data. You can do this in your personal GoldCup casino profile.

GoldCup Casino carries out the necessary security policy, complies with the rules and various technical measures in order to protect all user information held by us from any unauthorized access, its modification and/or its destruction. All employees of our casino and information processors who have access to the personal data of our users and those who are somehow connected with their processing, under the contract are obliged to observe the user's right to confidentiality. All personal data of the user will not be stored in the casino for longer than it will be required in accordance with the purposes for which it was collected.

If you have a desire to stop the processing and storage of your personal data, for the purposes indicated above, you will need to notify us of this in any way available to you. We also ask you to consider that stopping the processing and storage of personal information will mean closing your profile at GoldCup online casino. We reserve the right to make changes to the presented privacy policy, which is why you should regularly review it. In the event of a change in the purpose of collecting user information, we commit ourselves to inform you of this as soon as possible.