Responsible Gambling

GoldCup casino does everything necessary to create a gaming atmosphere for the user that is based on a responsible and honest attitude to the gameplay. We try to protect extremely active gambling people from their addiction to games and protect all minors from participating in game processes.

Juvenile Protection

GoldCup online casino is not interested in attracting children and teenagers to gambling. We are doing everything possible so that those who are not yet 18 years old do not participate in any form of gambling. But besides all this, we are well aware of the accessibility of the Internet and the ability of children to access sites that are similar to ours. We urge all parents to support our efforts to protect all children and adolescents from the negative effects of online gaming. We very convincingly ask you to install software on computers that blocks access to certain sites and programs (for example, GamBlockNet Nanny, Cyber Patrol, or any other).

Below are the tips, following which you can protect your child from any gambling:

  • You should limit the time that children spend at the computer or on the Internet.
  • Install a password on your computer where the game programs are.
  • Make sure that children are not unattended near the computer where the casino program is running.
  • Save the login information for the casino (in no case do not save the passwords in your browser) in an inaccessible place for children.
  • Be sure to take all measures in order to ensure the impossibility of making a deposit by an adolescent in an online casino.

Addiction Warning

The administration of the GoldCup online casino is aware that among people for whom games are simply an exciting process, there is a very small percentage of players who are addicted to online gambling. We take this problem very seriously, which is why, at the first click of a gambler, we block his account, thereby prohibiting any access to the casino. Any player, either independently or after contacting our round-the-clock support service, can delete his email or phone number from our e-mail or SMS mailing list.

Absolutely every gambler should always remember that:

  • Playing in a casino is just entertainment, not a method for quick enrichment.
  • All gambling is based only on chance, and there are no special "systems" that would guarantee you a win.
  • The desire to participate in the game should come only from the player himself.
  • Do not try to recoup, it can only do harm.
  • Do not play if the money allocated for the game is the last, or if you plan to earn more to save up for a purchase, as it will distract you from the game.
  • You must play in a good mood, be relaxed, and most importantly — you just have to get the most out of the gameplay itself.

And most importantly, you must remember that you always have a reliable advisor, and you can always get help from professional organizations that are created to help gamblers: Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, Helping Hand / IGC, Gambling Therapy Helpline.