Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Interaction of GoldCup online casinos with registered Users occurs on the basis of a public agreement, the main provisions of which are set out below.

By using and/or visiting any section of the Website and the GoldCup casino gaming application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the rules of any of the games, any advertising conditions, bonuses and special offers that can be found on the Website occasionally. All terms and conditions listed above are hereinafter referred to as the "Terms". Before accepting the Terms, we ask you to carefully read them. If you do not agree to accept and further follow the Terms, please do not open an account and/or continue to use the Website and the game application. Your continued use of the Website and the gaming application will constitute your acceptance of the Terms.

Terms & Conditions

Terms used in the text of the agreement:

  • Account — a User account containing information about personal data, user ID, transaction history, list of available bonuses and the wagering status of the current bonus. In addition, the account contains the option of depositing and withdrawing funds, exchanging CP, crediting the cashback to the Bonus balance and the exit function.
  • Active bonus — the state of the Bonus balance, in which the amount of funds on it is greater than 0.
  • Bonus — an additional reward on the Website, voluntarily credited by GoldCup online casino to the User's Bonus balance.
  • Bonus balance — the amount of money in cash equivalent that the user can use exclusively for making bets in some casino games. To withdraw funds from the bonus balance, additional conditions must be met.
  • Wager — the multiplier applied to the amount of Deposit + Bonus, indicating the required number of bets to clear the bonus.
  • Deposit — the deposit of funds to the main balance of the casino.
  • Cashback — the amount of funds that GoldCup casino returns to the User's Bonus balance.
  • The main balance is the amount of funds in cash equivalent that the User can use to make bets in casino games, as well as to withdraw funds in his favor without additional conditions.
  • Wagering — the amount of bets that must be made to transfer funds from the Bonus to the Main balance.
  • User — an individual who has registered an account on the GoldCup Online Casino Website or in the GoldCup Casino gaming application.
  • Bet — money (FUN in demo mode), which are debited from the User’s balance when the Bet / Spin / Start / Spin button, etc. is pressed in Game.
  • EPS (electronic payment system) is a system of payments between companies and Internet users for various services via the Internet.
  • VIP program is a component of the GoldCup casino loyalty program which applies to all Casino Users from the moment of placing the first bet from the Main Balance.

1. Legal Requirements

1.1 Persons under 18 years of age or age (Permissible Age), which is mandatory for legal participation in gambling under the laws of a particular jurisdiction, are prohibited from using the Website. Use of the Website by persons under the Permissible Age is a direct violation of the User Agreement. In this regard, we have the right to request documents that can confirm the age of the User. The User may be denied the provision of services, and the operation of his account may be temporarily suspended if evidence is not presented that the age of the User corresponds to the Permissible.

1.2 Online gambling is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. By accepting the Agreement, the User acknowledges that GoldCup Casino cannot provide guarantees or legal advice regarding the legitimacy of using the Website in the jurisdiction in which the User is located. The user uses the services of the Website at his own request and assumes the entire responsibility, well aware of all the possible risks.

1.3 By accepting the User Agreement, the User is aware that GoldCup Casino may periodically conduct checks to confirm the User’s identity, contact and payment information.

1.4 During the audit, the ability to withdraw funds from the account may be limited.

1.5 If any information provided by the User is false, inaccurate or misleading, it is considered that the User violates the terms of the User Agreement and GoldCup online casino has the right to close the User’s account immediately and/or refuse the User to use the services of the Website in addition to any other actions at your discretion.

1.6 GoldCup Online Casino reserves the right to change, edit, supplement the terms and conditions of the User Agreement at any time. It is the user's responsibility to periodically review the terms and conditions. If the User does not agree with the changes, he may stop using the Website and/or close his account. Further use of any part of the Website after the date of entry into force of the revised terms will automatically be considered as acceptance and acceptance of the revised terms of the User Agreement, including any additions, deletions, replacements and other changes relating to the use of GoldCup online casino services.

2. Registration

2.1 The minimum necessary data that the User must specify when registering an account are: mobile phone number or email, password and account currency. In order to be able to use the full range of services that GoldCup online casino provides, the User must fill out all the fields in the "My Data" tab, taking into account clause 1.5 of these Terms.

2.2 By clicking the "Register" button on the GoldCup casino website, the User confirms that he has fully read the text of the User Agreement and agrees to unconditionally comply with all the Terms.

2.3 After registering an account, the User realizes that neither he nor the employees of GoldCup online casino can change the account currency, name, surname, alias and date of birth.

2.4 The user agrees to use his account personally and has no right to transfer access to his account to third parties.

2.5 The user is obliged to keep his registration data in a place inaccessible to third parties.

2.6 If you lose your password to access your account at GoldCup casino, the user can use the password recovery service. To recover the password, you must specify the login (mobile phone number or email) and click on the link "Forgot?", Which is located in the login window.

2.7 GoldCup online casino believes that all actions and transactions that occur in the account are consciously committed by the account holder.

2.8 The user is obliged to inform the casino administration about the unlawful use of his account by third parties as soon as possible in any way possible. After the User informs about the unlawful use of his account by third parties, the casino blocks the account until the verified user cancels the block. For actions performed by third parties, until the moment of blocking the GoldCup casino account is not responsible.

2.9 Registration of an account in a casino for playing for real money by GoldCup casino employees, affiliate program participants, their relatives and relatives is strictly prohibited and is considered by the administration as a fraud. If such an account is found in the casino, both the account in the casino and the account in the affiliate program are blocked.

2.10 One individual can have only one gaming account in a casino. Creating multiple accounts per person, per family, at home, on a computer or mobile device, on an account in a payment system or bank card is strictly prohibited.

2.11 If the User is found to be in violation of clause 2.10 of these Rules, GoldCup casino automatically and irrevocably blocks bonus offers (all or some) on the User’s accounts and does not consider applications for their activation, and also, at its discretion, has the right to close the User’s account immediately and/or refuse the User to use the services of the Website.

2.12 To confirm the authenticity of the information specified in the User’s profile, GoldCup Casino has the right to request documents proving the identity of the User, as well as apply additional requirements. If for any reason, the User cannot provide documents proving his identity, the casino reserves the right to suspend the User’s account until he presents the documents, or permanently close the account if the documents are not were provided.

3. Casino Balances

3.1 At GoldCup casino, there are two balances: Basic and Bonus. The following describes the cases in which funds can be credited or debited to these balances.

The main balance is replenished with:

  • Making a deposit;
  • Winning a bonus (by automatically transferring funds from the Bonus balance);
  • Exchange SR;
  • Cancel withdrawal of funds;
  • Winning bets in the absence of an active bonus (Bonus balance “0”) (see clause 5.2.8).
  • Winning bets in games where the bonus balance is not available.

The main balance is spent when:

  • Rates;
  • Withdraw funds.

The bonus balance is replenished when:

  • Bonus activation;
  • Winnings at bets from the Main balance, in case of winning back the bonus;
  • Winnings at bets from the Bonus balance;
  • Crediting Cashback, other promotions, and specials. offers with wagering.

Bonus balance is spent when:

  • Rates;
  • Filing an application for withdrawal of funds from the Main balance;
  • Pressing the button "Cancel bonus";
  • Winning a bonus (by automatically transferring funds to the Main balance).

4. Deposits and Withdrawals

4.1 In the GoldCup online casino, the minimum and maximum deposit amount are limited to the minimum and maximum allowable amount according to the selected payment method.

4.2 When making a Deposit, the User is obliged to strictly follow the instructions in the instructions for making a Deposit. Ignoring the explicit prohibitions and restrictions specified in this section relieves the casino of liability for funds not transferred.

4.3 When making a Deposit, the User must indicate the amount of payment, method of payment and, if desired / availability, select one of the offered bonuses. After making a successful payment, the Deposit amount will be credited to the Main balance (bonus amount — to the Bonus balance).

4.4 When making a Deposit before the notification of successful payment, the User should not click the browser control buttons, namely, "Update" and "Back". This may result in a transaction failure.

4.5 The user is obliged to make a deposit only from his account in EPS, bank card or phone. In case of violation of this condition, all winnings will be canceled, and the amount of the last or winning deposit will be returned to the card/wallet/phone from which it was made. It is forbidden to make a deposit by third parties: friends, relatives or partners. This rule also applies to withdrawals. We reserve the right to block an account, without the possibility of recovery, for violation of this clause of the rules.

4.6 All incoming and outgoing payments of the GoldCup casino are made through the software and accounts of the financial partners of the casino, therefore, the GoldCup casino cannot guarantee a smooth and timely payment.

4.7 In case of detection of proven failures in the operation of the software of the casino and its partners, the GoldCup administration has the right to write off incorrectly credited funds from the User’s accounts, and also undertakes to refund all amounts incorrectly debited or not charged to the user’s accounts within 7 business days from the date of such failure.

4.8 Withdrawals are made only from the User’s Main balance.

4.9 After filing an application for withdrawal, funds are debited from the Main balance for conducting a withdrawal transaction. The user can independently check the status of the withdrawal request and, if necessary, cancel it. After the cancellation of the withdrawal request, funds will be automatically credited to the Main balance. Please see clause 5.5.3 if an application for withdrawal of funds is submitted if there is an active bonus on the account.

4.10 If the User detects incorrectly filled in details in the withdrawal application, it is necessary to cancel the application if it has not yet been processed. The user is aware that after processing the withdrawal application, the funds will be sent to the details specified in the application. GoldCup Casino is not obliged to check the availability of cards, wallets in the EPS and phone numbers to which the User withdraws funds, but in case of incorrectly specified details, he will try to assist in the return of funds, if possible.

4.11 Processing of applications for withdrawal of funds at GoldCup casino exists from 10:00 to 19:00. With correctly executed applications and the absence of additional requirements for the User (paragraph 4.18), payments are usually made within 5 hours after the application for withdrawal is received or within 5 hours after 10:00 if the application is submitted after 19:00 (UTC + 02: 00). The terms of receipt of funds to the account in the EPS/bank card of the User can be from 1 to 6 working days and depend on the withdrawal method.

4.12 In the GoldCup online casino, there are three statuses of applications for payment:

  • In processing — the application has been submitted by the user and is awaiting processing;
  • Closed — the application has been processed, the funds have been sent to the details of the User;
  • Canceled — the application is canceled by the User, casino or payment system, funds are returned to the Main account balance.

4.13 Casino GoldCup pays out the winnings in the currency and the payment method by which the deposit was made. An exception is cases when it is impossible to carry out such a transaction for technical reasons or because of financial restrictions. The final choice of the method, terms, and currency of payment is made by the administration of the GoldCup casino.

4.14 GoldCup Casino does not charge commissions when making a deposit and withdrawing funds. Commissions can be charged by banking institutions and payment system operators, which the casino administration cannot affect. Exceptions are cases when the turnover of funds (the amount of bets) is less than the deposit in triplicate (reverse deposit). In this case, the administration of the GoldCup casino reserves the right to charge a commission in the amount of 10% of the withdrawal (deposit) amount to compensate for the costs of making payments.

4.15 After the payment is made, a notification of the transaction may be sent to the User.

4.16 The user is fully aware and accepts the fact that the game account is not a bank account. Consequently, insurance methods, replenishment, guarantees and other methods of protection by the deposit insurance system and other insurance systems do not apply to it. No interest is accrued on funds in the main account.

4.17 GoldCup Casino has the right to block the User’s account, as well as cancel payments and Deposits in case of suspicions of replenishment of the account fraudulently. The casino has the right to notify the relevant authorities of fraudulent transactions with payments and illegal activities.

4.18 When the User submits an application for withdrawal of casino funds, GoldCup reserves the right to verify the account to exclude violations by the User of the following paragraphs of these Rules: 2.9, 2.10, 4.5, 4.17. To do this, the user needs to upload an identity document and/or other required documents to his profile.

4.19 When withdrawing funds, all activated bonuses are debited from the account.

5. Bonus Policy

5.1 General rules

5.1.1 This section contains the general rules and conditions for participation in bonus offers of GoldCup online casinos. However, each bonus offer may have additional terms and conditions with which.

5.1.2 Bonuses (bonus money) are offered to Users of the casino solely at the discretion of the casino. All Bonuses have only one goal — to extend the game process, providing the User with additional credits in the casino.

5.1.3 GoldCup Online Casino does not impose Users on participation in promotions and bonus offers, each User voluntarily participates in them and may refuse to participate at any time.

5.1.4 GoldCup Online Casino reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel current promotions, tournaments, and bonus offers without prior warning to Users.

5.1.5 By depositing funds to the account using one or another bonus offer or promotion, the User thereby confirms that he has read and accepts the conditions of this bonus offer or promotion completely and unconditionally.

5.2 General rules

5.2.1 There can only be one active bonus per account.

5.2.2 Upon receipt of the Bonus by the User, the amount of the Bonus is credited to the Bonus balance of the account and is stored separately from the Main balance.

5.2.3 When making a bet in the game, its size is debited from the Main balance. In the event that there are not enough funds on the Main balance to make a bet, its amount is debited from the Bonus balance.

5.2.4 All winnings in the presence of an active bonus, regardless of the balance from which the bet was made, are credited to the Bonus account balance.

5.2.5 Bonus and winnings cannot be withdrawn until the conditions for wagering the bonus are met.

5.2.6 After wagering the bonus, funds from the Bonus balance are automatically transferred to the Main balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

5.2.7 Some bonus offers may limit the amount of winnings. After wagering such a bonus, the maximum allowable winnings are transferred from the Bonus balance to the Main one, and the remaining funds are debited from the Bonus balance.

5.2.8 Some bets may not be taken into account (or partially taken into account) when wagering the bonus; detailed information on such bets is indicated in clause 5.4.5 of these Rules. If the bonus in the game does not clear out after loading the game, the user will see a notification about it. In such games, bets are debited, and winnings are credited to the Main balance; the Bonus balance is not available for betting.

5.2.9 In the event that the Bonus balance is less than 0.5 UAH / 1 RUB / 0.1 USD for any reason, the active bonus ceases to be valid and is no longer subject to wagering.

5.3 Bonus Statuses

5.3.1 At GoldCup Online Casino, there are three statuses for each bonus:

  • Active — the bonus has been credited to the Bonus balance, but its wagering has not yet been completed. The user cannot withdraw bonus funds and/or any winnings.
  • Won — a bonus for which wagering conditions are fulfilled. The amount of funds from the Bonus balance is transferred to the Main balance and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Canceled — the bonus can be canceled and removed from the Bonus balance if the User: has not fulfilled the conditions for wagering filed an application for withdrawal of funds from the Main balance until the wagering conditions are met violated these terms and conditions or independently canceled the bonus in the Profile.

5.4 Bonus wagering

5.4.1 The term Bonus Redemption means the amount of bets that the User must make to transfer the Bonus and winnings from the Bonus to the Main Balance.

5.4.2 Bonus wagering is presented in the form of a multiplier (Wager) to the amount of the Bonus and the completed Deposit. Wager 20 means that the amount of Deposit + Bonus must be delivered at least 20 times. For example, if a user has made a deposit of $100 and received a 100% Bonus in the amount of 100 cu, then for wagering it is necessary to place bets in the amount of (100 + 100) * 20 = 4000 cu. After fulfilling these requirements, the funds from the Bonus balance will be automatically transferred to the user's Main balance.

5.4.3 The user can replenish the Main balance for wagering the Bonus by making deposits. These values may change from time to time, therefore, please consult with the support service in each case to find out the current values for calculating bets for a particular game.

5.4.5 Bonus can only be wagered in the cash game mode. Bets in games in demo mode are not taken into account.

5.4.6 To protect against the high-risk of wagering the bonus, GoldCup Casino reserves the right to limit the total bet for wagering for each bonus. Bets that exceed the specified limit are not taken into account in the wagering of the bonus and an additional W50 wager is credited to winnings received from such bets. The limit of the bet will be indicated on the page with the description of the bonus, please carefully read the rules for each bonus.

5.5 Withdrawal of funds with an active bonus

5.5.1 As mentioned earlier in clause 5.2.6, after the bonus has been cleared, funds from the Bonus balance are automatically transferred to the Main balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

5.5.2 Funds from the Bonus balance cannot be cashed out until the User wins the Bonus (see clauses 5.4.1 and 5.4.2).

5.5.3 The User has the opportunity to withdraw any amounts from the Main Balance, however, when applying for a withdrawal before wagering the active bonus, the User loses all bonuses and winnings, i.e. Bonus balance is reset. Note! The bonus balance is reset at the time of application for withdrawal. If the withdrawal request is canceled by the User or the administrator, the Bonus balance will not be restored!

5.6 Bonus Abuse

5.6.1 The administration of the casino may refuse to participate in promotions, tournaments, and bonus offers to individual Users without explanation. As a rule, this happens, but it is not limited to violation of paragraphs: 2.9, 2.10, 4.5, 4.17 of these Rules.

5.6.2 The use of Casino Bonuses for the purpose of enrichment is an abuse.

5.6.3 If the Bonus is granted to individual account holders, the promotional code for the activation of the Bonus is valid only for those Users who are the direct owners of the accounts. It is forbidden to transfer promo codes to other persons.

5.6.4 Please note that a real phone number must be provided when registering an account. If the User fails to contact, this may cause a restriction on the use of Bonuses, as well as blocking the account.